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Jingle Bell Fun!

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today, I aim to spread the merry.

First up is a cool little thing I found on the Interwebs called "The Jingler." What this little cyber-elf does is take any MP3 you care to upload and transforms it into a Christmas song!

Don't believe me? Prepare to have your ears blown wide open by the power of The Jingler unleashed on the Deep Purple classic "Smoke On The Water."

Check The Jingler out for yourself! It's a little slow, but you can literally waste tons of time there. It's located on the World Wide Web at the confusing and much too complex addy of


Next up? Let's channel Die Hard. It's already established blog canon that I consider the first Die Hard the perfect action movie. I know what you're saying; "But floydjoy, I can't remember which Die Hard is which. Does the first one have Samuel L. Jackson in it?" To which I answer, "No, you idiot. It's Hans Gruber, the best movie villain ever, played with - again - perfection by Alan Rickman." But don't worry. This handy little song by what sounds like a bunch of frat boys will help you keep everything Die Hard in proper perspective. (Another thing you may be saying is, "What the hey does this have to do with Christmas, floydjoy?" To which I give the most obvious of obvious answers: "Because the first two Die Hards happen AT Christmastime." Sheesh.)

Whatever. Just watch it and relive the majesty, glory and ass-kickery of John McClane. (Caution: Liberal shouting of his famous catch-phrase may not be suitable for tykes or grandmas.)

This next bit has NOTHING to do with Christmas, but it concerns Batman, which I'm pretty sure we can all agree trumps blog themes every single time. And no, I'm not linking to the trailer, which is all kinds of awesome (well, okay, I'm gonna do it anyway - here ya go) ...

... but I am gonna link to this low-key tune, which is all kinds of awesome too. Go to and click on "I'm Batman" in their little player. It's not Adam West, but then, who could be? Speaking of Adam West, he's on the Interwebs too. And if you're a fan of the old sixties show like I am, you ... simply ... MUST ... check out ... THE BAT PAGES! They have video clips and everything, including highly impactful footage of Cesar Romero as the Joker with makeup painted OVER his mustache. That Cesar Romero was a tough dude; "Okay, I'll play the Joker, but I'm NOT shaving my ultra-suave mustache. This life is all about the ladies."

And now, for my final entry, something I've already sent around to friends as a kind of online Christmas card. All I will say is that it concerns Steve Perry. (Oh, and as an aside, stay tuned: I feel a Steve Perry retrospective blog entry coming on. It could be tomorrow, next week, a month from now, but it's coming. You've been warned.) Anyway, watch this. And have a Merry Christmas!


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