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Guess Who's Adopting A Kid?


Well, me and my wife Robin.

While the grammar police decide whether to issue me a warning or just plain give me a ticket for that last sentence ... I don't really care. Sorry. Too busy celebrating/freaking out about looming responsibility.

It's pretty cool, actually. This will be a grand new adventure.

My friend Jeff voiced his concern however, and rightfully so, that I - me, floydjoy, the goofball he's known since forever - would be responsible for another human. While I understand he was largely joking, let me just say ... concern noted. In fact, I've got that same feeling myself.

Anyhoo, come late July, a little bundle of floydjoy will be here. A little boy. Nope, no names yet. Okay, some fun, obviously NOT suggestions that have been offered up:

"Copen" Eggen
Worf Tiberius Eggen
Jack Bauer Eggen
Landry Staubach Eggen
Indiana Eggen
Brett Favreneggen

Yup. That's me, baby, all class.


  1. Congratulations on your adoption. My little boy is adopted, it's so wonderful:)

  2. Hmmm....names....

    Greg Eggen. Yep! Fun to say. Even more fun to say than Trey Wingo.

  3. No! Wait! Xander. You totally and completely have to consider it!!!

  4. Actually, a new one is now on the table: Copernicus.


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